• Transnational Feminism, an upper-division course on feminism, the politics of border-crossing, and the possibilities of forging solidarity (Fall 2012 syllabus; Spring 2015 syllabus; Fall 2018 syllabus)
  • International Politics, an introductory International Relations course and general education class fulfilling the “understanding society” mode of inquiry requirement (Spring 2013 syllabusSpring 2014 Syllabus; Fall 2018 Syllabus)
  • Human Rights: Research and Advocacy, an upper-division seminar that examines, investigates and learns from interconnected transnational struggles for women’s human rights, workers’ rights, immigrant rights, racial justice, and the rights of indigenous peoples. (Spring 2018 Syllabus; Fall 2018 syllabus)
  • Always Remember this University Belongs to US, a first year writing colloquium on student activism in the US, South Africa and beyond (Fall 2017 Syllabus)
  • The Struggle for Human Rights, a writing colloquium for first-year undergraduate students.
  • The Politics of International Justice, an upper-division course on the development of norms promoting international criminal accountability and the opportunities and dilemmas of seeking justice through international criminal courts (Fall 2012 SyllabusSpring 2014 Syllabus; Spring 2017 Syllabus)
  • Africa and the World, an upper-division course on the politics of Africa, focusing on the colonial legacy, the dilemmas of humanitarianism, and efforts to seek justice. (Fall 2013 Syllabus; Fall 2016 Syllabus). Note: future iterations of this course will be titled Pan-African Revolutions and Black Liberation.
  • Senior Thesis, a research and writing seminar for seniors majoring in Politics.
  • Government Internship, a course on research methods and professional development for government interns.
  • Global Citizenship and International Ethics, an upper division writing-intensive undergraduate course.

All my courses have greatly benefited from the inspired contributions of my students, research assistants, collaborators and mentors, including (but by no means limited to): Gonzalo Garcia Reyes, Jameka Townsend, Megan Manion, Noor Amr, Rebeca Lopez-Figueroa, Salome Paul, and many others.

All errors, misjudgments, bad calls, and omissions are mine alone.

Always Remember copy

For more info on this image see: mg.co.za/article/2016-03-18-paint-speaks-to-power



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